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A new NPC on Rook is now able to provide the 5 blessings of ...
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Demon Trophy, Wolf Trophy, Orc Trophy, Behemoth Trophy, Deer...
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Highscores, Online List, Power Gamers and Character Profile ...
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100 Crystal Coins can be converted into a Gold ingot and vis...
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Characters with an active/permanent ban will no longer appea...

  07 May 2022 - Client Update

A client update has been performed, please remember to close all clients and run the Launcher again to check for updates. If you're using the custom client, updates should be automatically downloaded when opening the client.

New outfits have been added to the Shop! Sinister Archer, Dragon Knight and Rune Mage!
image image image

Oven item has also been added to the shop for any chefs in the house!

posted by GM Panther

  02 May 2022 - New Outfits

New Outfits Available!
A number of new outfits are available in game via item request rewards or tasks. More outfits have also been added to the web shop.

Outfits available in game are only available in game, shop outfits are only available via the shop. 


posted by GM Panther

  26 Apr 2022 - Big Performance Improvement

Hello All! Big Performance Improvement Update Notice

Starting with the server save from 24th April, some server optimizations and improvement updates are being applied. Most noticeably the performance on saving and loading player items and data. These updates should ensure smooth playing experience with higher numbers of players online. 

This is a big change to server function and will convert players the next time they log in and out. We are not expecting any issues with this change, however if anyone encounters any issues with their account after server save on April 24th, please contact myself and/or make a report in the bug channel.

See you on Nostalther!

posted by GM Panther

  18 Apr 2022 - Easter Bunny Hunters

Easter has concluded for this year. Congratulations to the top Easter Bunny Hunters!

1 Imonar (Kills: 8069)
2 Washed Up (Kills: 6741)
3 Beans (Kills: 3098)
4 Primo Optimizado (Kills: 2896)
5 Ranger Rick (Kills: 2605)
6 Sir Richard (Kills: 1800)

posted by GM Panther

  14 Apr 2022 - Easter Update

It's Easter time!

During the Easter long weekend "easter bunnies" will spawn frequently on the Tibia mainland, Fibula and Rookgaard. 

The easter bunnies will drop coloured easter eggs (edible) only able to be obtained during the Easter event. Some bunnies will also have a chance to drop bunnyslippers. 


Kills will be tracked for easter bunnies and the top 6 hunters will be rewarded with Points to the Nostalther web shop. 

The event will run from Friday 15th 4am to Tuesday 19th 4am (Server save time).

Easter Bunny Hunters Rewards
#1 - 200 points
#2 - 150 points
#3 - 100 points
#4 - 75 points
#5 - 50 points
#6 - 30 points 

Rewards only eligible for 1 character per account; Rewards can not be claimed to multiple characters on the same account.

The Isle of Strife is now accessible where the Mortal Combat challenge can also be accepted!



Furthermore, Elvenbane has been sighted off the coast of Rookgaard. 

Watch out for those Berserkers!


A portal that leads to the undead has also been discovered in Darashia. 


posted by GM Panther

Players Online: 20
Latest Version: v1.22.5.7