Spell Scrolls on Rookgaard

Some spell scrolls can be found throughout Rookgaard, enabling the reader to learn spells!

Many of these scrolls are hidden deep within Rookgaard.


Instant Spells
Name Words Magic Level Mana
Find Person exiva 0 20
Food exevo pan 0 30
Light utevo lux 0 20
Cancel Light exana lux 0 0
Light Healing exura 1 25
Antidote exana pox 2 30
Haste utani hur 4 60
Broadcast exisa mas 4 60

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Conjure Spells

Conjure spells will require soul points when being used in protection zones.

Conjure spells can not be used in PvP zones.

Name Words Magic Level Mana Soul Charges Image
Light Magic Missile adori 1 40 1 10 Rune image
Fireball adori flam 5 60 2 4 Rune image

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