13 July 2022 (03:44) -
- Fixed unkillable monsters like lava hole from being able t...
13 July 2022 (03:43) -
- Number of "modern" monsters no longer immune to ...
07 June 2022 (08:50) -
Monsters on website Creatures page now all use their actual ...
11 May 2022 (09:01) -
A new NPC on Rook is now able to provide the 5 blessings of ...
11 May 2022 (07:59) -
Demon Trophy, Wolf Trophy, Orc Trophy, Behemoth Trophy, Deer...

  14 Dec 2022 -

Nostalther wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Santa Claus is visiting all major cities (Kazordoon, Venore, Carlin, Ab'dendriel, Port Hope, Darashiam Thais, Edron and Ankrahmun), visit him and ask for a present

Santa also has some new goodies, so please be sure to restart and update your client to be sure you don't miss out!

posted by GM Panther

  12 Jun 2022 - Durin's Forge Update

2x Loot Event
For the next week, monsters will have a boosted 2x loot drop rate. Star forging!

Durins Forge
You can use Durin's Forge to compose your equipment and weapons with other items of the same type, in order to give your items added stats. To compose items, each item must be the same composition level and will also require a certain amount of gold coins. 

Items will additiona stats according to their composition level. 
Weapons gain +X Atk
Ranged Weapons gain +X Hit Chance
Wands gain +X*6 Dmg
Armor gain +X Armo
Shields gain +X Def


New Houses

New Guildhall can be found north-east of Ankrahmun belonging to Ankrahmun

Nautic Observer belonging to Carlin

Demon Tower in Jakundaf Desert belonging to Thais

Lost Cavern near Femor Hills belonging to Kazordoon

Rosebud A,B and C belonging to Carlin

New Locations

The Asura Palace is an building near the Kha'zeel Pass in Tiquanda. The main area houses many Dawnfire Asuri, Midnight Asuri, and Hellspawns. 

Beholders on Rookgaard are setting up camp to the West of town. 

posted by GM Panther

  07 May 2022 - Client Update

A client update has been performed, please remember to close all clients and run the Launcher again to check for updates. If you're using the custom client, updates should be automatically downloaded when opening the client.

New outfits have been added to the Shop! Sinister Archer, Dragon Knight and Rune Mage!
image image image

Oven item has also been added to the shop for any chefs in the house!

posted by GM Panther

  02 May 2022 - New Outfits

New Outfits Available!
A number of new outfits are available in game via item request rewards or tasks. More outfits have also been added to the web shop.

Outfits available in game are only available in game, shop outfits are only available via the shop. 


posted by GM Panther

  26 Apr 2022 - Big Performance Improvement

Hello All! Big Performance Improvement Update Notice

Starting with the server save from 24th April, some server optimizations and improvement updates are being applied. Most noticeably the performance on saving and loading player items and data. These updates should ensure smooth playing experience with higher numbers of players online. 

This is a big change to server function and will convert players the next time they log in and out. We are not expecting any issues with this change, however if anyone encounters any issues with their account after server save on April 24th, please contact myself and/or make a report in the bug channel.

See you on Nostalther!

posted by GM Panther

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Latest Version: v1.22.5.7