Nostalther Client


In order to play, please download our custom client. This client use some retoro (and custom) sprites. Some new (and old) items have also been added to the client.

This is the original 7.72 client, but with the following changes:

• Connects directly to Nostalther without IP Changer

• Custom Login Wallpaper

• Old/Custom/New Sprites

• Custom/New Items*

*The client might crash if you are not using the latest version and unknown items are on screen for your character.


Extract the Nostalther Launcher to an empty folder.


Run the NostaltherLauncher to check for updates and launch the game client.


Use the launcher to ensure you are always using the latest Nostalther client.


Nostalther Maps

If you feel you know Tibia well enough, you can choose to also download the map files. These maps will remove the darkness from almost all of Tibia.

Extract these files to the Client directory.

WSAD Hotkeys (AutoHotkey)

This script for AutoHotkey that toggles WASD and 1-9 as walking keys and F1-F9.

Ctrl+Enter to Pause/Unpause

You will need to install AutoHotkey to run this script. Download AutoHotKey from their site

To change/add more keys, edit the script in notepad.

Players Online: 27
Latest Version: v1.21.3.27