Change Log
13 July 2022 (03:44)
- Fixed unkillable monsters like lava hole from being able to be killed with wand of might/golden wand.
13 July 2022 (03:43)
- Number of "modern" monsters no longer immune to poison, as a minor buff to Druids poison storm spell and use
07 June 2022 (08:50)
Monsters on website Creatures page now all use their actual animations/sprites from in game.
11 May 2022 (09:01)
A new NPC on Rook is now able to provide the 5 blessings of the gods, but it comes at a price.
11 May 2022 (07:59)
Demon Trophy, Wolf Trophy, Orc Trophy, Behemoth Trophy, Deer Trophy, Cyclops Trophy, Dragon Lord Trophy, Lion Trophy and Minotaur Trophy added to creature loot tables.
07 May 2022 (11:14)
Highscores, Online List, Power Gamers and Character Profile pages now show animated outfits.
02 May 2022 (20:29)
100 Crystal Coins can be converted into a Gold ingot and vise versa. Note: The Ingots can not be used as currency with npcs and would otherwise need to be converted back to crystal coins for spending.
26 April 2022 (02:58)
Characters with an active/permanent ban will no longer appear in the High Scores lists.
24 April 2022 (08:53)
Bunnyslippers now provide increased movement speed.
24 April 2022 (07:56)
Knife (Cutlery) [Sword], Pan [Club] and Small Axe [Axe] are now usable weapons with 3 attack and 1 defense.
14 April 2022 (09:48)
Kraknaknork can now push boxes.
14 April 2022 (09:48)
Yeti cave on Rook altered slightly
14 April 2022 (09:48)
Spell Scrolls found on Rookgaard will now disintegrate after 24 hours.
14 April 2022 (09:48)
Rook necro loot table adjusted
14 April 2022 (09:47)
Further mapping adjustments around Zzaion. (no more floating bamboo)
02 April 2022 (06:06)
Due to an issue with having over 200 players on VIP, the limit for Premium VIP list has been reduced to 200. Thank you @Warkon570 for finding this issue. (exceeding 200 vip would cause you to be unable to log in at all)
02 April 2022 (06:06)
The Lizard Chosen "Cobra Cave" has been relocated to an alternate location in Port Hope. The Teleporter atop the the Zzaion tower now goes directly to the room below where the cobra cave was previously.
09 March 2022 (05:50)
Hatebreeder Raid added (Roughly weekly)
09 March 2022 (05:35)
Kerberos now listed on boss kills page
13 February 2022 (04:53)
Now possible to safe trade house ownership. !sellhouse command useage information added to the !commands help dialog
13 February 2022 (04:38)
Thul Raid and Boss Room added
13 February 2022 (02:47)
Cake Backpack now obtainable through baking
10 February 2022 (23:42)
Fixed Boss Kill counter not working for Leviathan, the many, the noxious spawn, gorgo, ethershreck, bretzecutioner and tormentor
09 February 2022 (19:04)
Some items from newer tibia have had their magic/physical resistance values surfed slightly. (Zaoan Helmet, Death Ring, Skullcracker armor)
09 February 2022 (18:59)
Items which offer protection now show exactly what they do when looking at the items (Eg SSA, Dragon Amulet, Might Ring, etc)
09 February 2022 (18:59)
Warlord sword can now be rotated between old and new sprites
28 January 2022 (06:33)
Elf Arcanist and Dwarf Guard outfits added to the webshop
27 January 2022 (06:59)
Mailbox and Ornate mailbox added to the web shop.
25 January 2022 (10:05)
Added several new carpets and tapestries to the web shop
25 January 2022 (05:50)
New Tapestry loot added to Warlocks, Hero, Grim Reapers and Bog Raiders
25 January 2022 (03:21)
Even more fishing reworks and changes
25 January 2022 (03:21)
Several quest areas on Rookgaard are now no logout zones.
24 January 2022 (01:49)
Reworked thowing snowballs feature, should work exactly the same, please let me know if any issues noticed. Ty
23 January 2022 (03:51)
Updated the web point shop. Can now buy some items in bulk (Note that these items may not necessarily stack, so be careful when claiming in game)
22 January 2022 (05:17)
Fixed the 3rd and 4th floor of the underground Pyramid on rook from being inaccessible - Big fucking oopsie
22 January 2022 (04:36)
Fishing reworked for Swamp/Tar/Lava, See discord for change notes.
20 January 2022 (08:52)
Re-updated Tibria client, the Cam Recorder should now be working again.
19 January 2022 (23:27)
Poison Storm (Driuid Spell) Initial Burst dmg changed back from poison to Physical damage (Still also applies a poison condition)
19 January 2022 (06:51)
Fixed a number of seeming un-walkable tiles in the Edron Fury dungeon.
19 January 2022 (06:51)
Fixed The Old Widow Task Boss room and added signs next to all Boss room Teleporters to clarify what the teleporter is for and that it will cost task points to enter and summon the boss.
16 January 2022 (06:10)
Can now REALLY play war drum and bongo.
14 January 2022 (07:42)
Fixed several weapons that could not be used to smash furniture.
06 January 2022 (19:51)
Many of the house deco items now also have elevation (Like a parcel or a table)
06 January 2022 (19:50)
Remapped around Ghazbaran spawn area under Cormaya.
06 January 2022 (19:50)
Removed a deadend in Bazir POI Maze that normally leads to POI DLs (Prevents being trapped with no way out, not even death xD)
06 January 2022 (19:50)
Inquisition bosses should now be able to spawn while waiting in the boss room. Spawn times adjusted slightly.
06 January 2022 (19:50)
It is now possible to view Task Point highscores from the webpage
06 January 2022 (19:50)
Shortcut added from Thais to Mintwallin, similar to the very old shortcut that used to exist. Also prevents you from being able to get locked in the bridged off area where the demons are.
09 October 2021 (21:01)
New Bosses and Boss Rooms added for Stonecracker, Kerberos, Leviathan, The Many, The Noxious Spawn, Gorgo, Ethershreck, Bretzecutioner and Tormentor
04 October 2021 (05:11)
Tasks are now available on rook!
04 October 2021 (05:11)
Add Guildhall system, only guild leaders can buy guild halls.
04 October 2021 (05:11)
Goroma re-mapped and spawns changed (dragons and warlocks)
04 October 2021 (05:10)
Houses page now able to filter by guild hall.
04 October 2021 (05:10)
The map has been remapped to remove all the mountain rocks. If you notice any holes or missed areas, please let me know. Note: Some corner mountains are compensated with a ramp, so you can't se through the floor
26 August 2021 (20:01)
The mapping around Cormaya Formorgar mines has been restrograded
26 August 2021 (20:01)
Added a Travelling Trader to the bar in Kazordoon.
26 August 2021 (20:01)
Added !deathlists command. Syntax !deathlist [player name]
26 August 2021 (20:01)
Can now play war drum and bongo.
17 July 2021 (06:18)
Houses will no longer load unmovable lemonade/beer/wine/water casks, ovens or dustbins.
17 July 2021 (06:18)
8 New raids added: Stone cracker, Zarabustor, Arachir the ancient one, gravelord oshuran, Tyrn, The pale count, Warlord Druzad, The Welter. These boss raids are not announced.
17 July 2021 (06:17)
Giant Spider, Behemoth and Hydra spawns added under the Forbidden Lands.
17 July 2021 (06:17)
Shortcut added from Tiquanda Hydra Mountain to The Blind Prophet over the waterfall
17 July 2021 (06:17)
18 new raids added to the schedule
17 July 2021 (06:17)
Monster drop % is now visible from website.
17 July 2021 (06:17)
Monster drop % is now visible from website.
17 July 2021 (06:16)
PVP Zones (On guildhalls) should now save all items like a house, shouldn't clean anything on SS anymore (It's still not part of house though, items will not be sent to Depo if you leave, remember to pickup your items before vacting)
16 May 2021 (03:46)
Added dragon slayer, skullcracker armor,spell weavers robe and assassin stars back to Undead dragon
16 May 2021 (03:46)
added pirate backpack drop from skeleton, skeleton warrior, grim reaper and undead dragon
16 May 2021 (03:46)
added mushroom backpack drops from carniphila, bog raider and swamp troll
16 May 2021 (03:46)
Quivers now available from Distance item shop npcs. Some quivers added to monster loot tables.
14 May 2021 (07:40)
Spectral Bolts can now only be used by Paladins of magic level 24 or higher.
14 May 2021 (07:40)
Arcane staff and war axe are 2 handed, like it should have been :sweat_smile:
14 May 2021 (07:40)
Added a "Nostalther Manual" to new players first starting items. The manual just has some information about the server.
14 May 2021 (07:40)
Retrograde mapped Femur Hills and Added 2 Djinn Spawns
14 May 2021 (07:40)
Updated/Expanded Nightmare spawn on Fibula
14 May 2021 (07:40)
Added old passage to Calcanea island.
14 May 2021 (07:39)
Added noble axe to fury and Necromancer
01 May 2021 (03:33)
Added "Exori Gran" spell for knights, check spell books. Spell "Exori" still uses old formula, good for Ice Rapiers.
01 May 2021 (03:32)
Loss percent is now 8% down from 10%. Having all 5 Blessings + Promotion can protect against all loss in death.
01 May 2021 (03:32)
Twist of fate Blessings added to all templtes. Twist of fate has a varied cost above level 30 and will protect from loss of the 5 regular blessings if your killing blow was from a player.
01 May 2021 (03:32)
All Guildhalls have a dedicated arena that can only be accessed by those who are invited into the Guildhall. Some and soon more pvp areas also added to the map, including existing arenas in towns. Player resulting death in these areas will result in no l
24 April 2021 (08:59)
Removed necros from lower floors of Old Fortress spawn. Removed Preistesses from first floor
24 April 2021 (08:59)
Snowballs now have 1 attack.
24 April 2021 (08:59)
Did some remapping around Okolnir
16 April 2021 (10:15)
House cosmetic items that can not be picked up (trees, stones, etc) now pack and unpack to furniture parcels for transit.
16 April 2021 (08:00)
Quests added for Grey, Blue* and Green tome. *Daily Spawn in quest area.
16 April 2021 (07:58)
Exori Con, Exori Hur and Exori Ico added to Paladin and Knight spells.
16 April 2021 (07:56)
Spectral bolts have a new sprite.
11 April 2021 (08:54)
More demons are spewing from the portals in Mintwallin. Mintwallin Demon spawn expanded
08 April 2021 (09:08)
Added **Convocation** spell from PoE *utevo mas res*
08 April 2021 (06:28)
Player made runes now appear different from store bought runes. Premium players have a small additional chance to create golden runes with an additional charge. Furthermore, player created runes now show the maker and their magic level.
08 April 2021 (06:28)
Captain Haba, not welcome in Edron port, has moved next to Atrad's house on Goroma
08 April 2021 (06:28)
Added a new spell for cancel light - exana lux
08 April 2021 (06:28)
Premium light should now last.:thinking:
08 April 2021 (06:28)
Added 2 3 new premium outfits. 1 Male only and 1 female only, 1 shared by both genders.
08 April 2021 (06:28)
Several new house cosmetics added to store.
04 April 2021 (04:16)
Fixed Energy bomb rune using the wrong sprite. Old energy bomb runes will remain to exist...
04 April 2021 (04:16)
Player made runes now appear different from store bought runes. Premium players have a small additional chance to create golden runes with an additional charge. Furthermore, player created runes now show the maker and their magic level.
03 April 2021 (09:53)
Frequency of raids increased slightly. 1 new item added to 1 of the raid monsters.
03 April 2021 (09:53)
Added 2 more bps to monster loot tables.
03 April 2021 (09:53)
Travelling Trader now buys Golden Sickles for 1k
03 April 2021 (09:53)
9+ new items added to monster loot tables.
03 April 2021 (09:52)
It's now possible to carve ice cubes and marble blocks. requires a regular knife.
28 March 2021 (07:25)
Premium Time, Premium Time scrolls and Shop Point scrolls now available in the shop
27 March 2021 (09:24)
Various new backpacks added to monster loot tables.
21 March 2021 (04:42)
More Yeti's visit folda.
21 March 2021 (03:33)
Atrad's house on Goroma now requires level 80 to enter.
21 March 2021 (03:32)
Hunting with Captain Haba now requires level 60+
21 March 2021 (03:29)
Most of the priestesses removed from Goroma
20 March 2021 (06:01)
Plate Armor and Plate Legs removed from the Common loot notifications
20 March 2021 (05:52)
2nd Demon task requirement lowered.
20 March 2021 (05:52)
All players in a party doing the same monster task now get kill credit, must be in close range to get task credit.
17 March 2021 (19:34)
You can now "Use" the coloured spell wands to absorb light for an hour. This allows paladins and mages using burst arrows to use the light sources.
17 March 2021 (19:33)
Items can now go through the sea serpent tps
12 March 2021 (08:49)
Thrown weapons will now no longer drop to the floor. Fragility of assassin stars, small stones and throwing stars reduced. Spears don't break.
10 March 2021 (07:26)
Server changed to non-pvp, PVP Zones added to all towns and some other areas for training and pvp fun.
10 March 2021 (07:25)
Supply items wont save through serversave. Eg empty vials, urine vials, empty vial backpacks
07 March 2021 (03:00)
non-pvp rune created fields will now last longer.
07 March 2021 (01:32)
Life rings are a more likely outcome from breaking life crystals.
14 January 2021 (05:30)
Fixed venore bog raider respawn rate.
14 January 2021 (05:03)
New wands level/stats adjusted slightly.
14 January 2021 (04:35)
Added feature: Autolooting gold. Gold will now be auto looted on kill, you will still need to be fast to loot valuable items though ;)
01 January 2021 (02:29)
Boss kills count has been reset
25 December 2020 (08:01)
Edron demon spawn altered slightly.
18 December 2020 (21:13)
Map files have been updated.
15 December 2020 (18:40)
There was a small rollback yesterday due to server restarts from our service provider. Sorry for an inconvenience.
12 December 2020 (09:41)
Norma on rook now sells furniture instead.
12 December 2020 (08:56)
Old characters have had their mana spent reduced to compensate for rate changes.
02 December 2020 (03:56)
Travelling Trader now visits Rookgaard.
01 December 2020 (19:48)
Monsters now more likely to drop food.
21 November 2020 (01:05)
Scarabs and scarab coins can now be found throughout ALL of the Ankrahmun desert (instead of just specific tiles)
06 November 2020 (12:37)
shop items can be claimed on rook again
09 July 2020 (11:06)
Balanced Heal Friend healing amount.
25 June 2020 (04:52)
Travelling Trader now buys Bloody Edge and coloured gems.
13 May 2020 (20:28)
Travelling Trader now buys small jewels
13 May 2020 (01:43)
Added extra short hand for buying runes, ect "buy 10 bp uh"
08 May 2020 (08:08)
Announcement will now be made when boss monsters are slain.
06 May 2020 (08:43)
Travelling Trader now buys hibiscus dress and shadow scepter.
29 April 2020 (06:30)
You now fully heal health and man when leveling up.
28 April 2020 (07:10)
Added more demons to Edron demon spawn, south area.
28 April 2020 (04:06)
Added more cyclops' to Cyclopolis
27 April 2020 (05:25)
Added "Exisa Mas" spell back into the game.
26 April 2020 (20:37)
Removed PZ from Goroma and Okilnir boats.
18 April 2020 (23:05)
Some monsters speed adjusted slightly.
17 April 2020 (23:04)
Druid can learn GB and GFB
17 April 2020 (22:51)
Paladin's can conjure HMMs
20 March 2020 (10:49)
Longer than usual down time for SS today to perform updates and maintenance.
06 March 2020 (19:53)
Updated loot pool for several "boss" creatures.
06 March 2020 (08:10)
Added new spell for Paladins, the Conjure Spectral Bolt will conjure 100 special bolts with high attack. The new spell can be used of Paladins level 150 and above.
04 March 2020 (07:29)
Updated the loot table for Oshabaal, Morgaroth, Rahemos and Dipthrah.
04 March 2020 (06:52)
Added a teleport exit for demon hell.
02 March 2020 (22:17)
Fixed rainbow shield enchanting.
25 February 2020 (04:35)
Red Skull Kill Ban increased to 3 days. (Banishment from Red skull will never result in deletion.)
20 February 2020 (07:37)
Added enchanting for rainbow shield *requires client update.
31 January 2020 (06:52)
Grizzled Aarons now offers a task for killing Warlocks
31 January 2020 (06:37)
Demona has had a few more warlocks move in to help study.
25 January 2020 (23:30)
Daily Server Save time has been bought forward a few hours, just for scheduling purposes.
25 January 2020 (00:47)
Reworked some paralyze values for some monsters.
23 January 2020 (05:41)
Added power gamers page.
01 January 2020 (17:26)
I changed the HTTP/HTTPS redirection, as some people were reporting issues being redirected to another site. Hopefully this fixes that problem, please let me know otherwise.
25 December 2019 (21:39)
Aldo now repairs soft boots.
25 December 2019 (01:35)
Power bolt attack boosted slightly.
13 December 2019 (21:03)
Used mana fluids that drop to ground now stay in your bag if you're in a pzone.
12 December 2019 (06:26)
added creatures page
05 December 2019 (06:47)
Empty vials created after drinking mana fluid are now dropped to the floor.
05 December 2019 (06:47)
Posted Regen info to Server Info page
04 December 2019 (00:08)
Added Tasks In game, Added Tasks and Creature Kills pages to site.
03 December 2019 (02:57)
Updated a number of raids, added announcements for some bosses, made some raids more difficult.
03 December 2019 (02:57)
Store bought runes changed back to default charges and prices. Can now purcahse "backpacks of spell runes". Conjured runes now have x3 normal number of charges.
29 November 2019 (00:21)
Website is now SSL Secure.
26 November 2019 (06:49)
Add more fixes and changes to webpage, notably the Character lookup page.
25 November 2019 (20:26)
Added Magic Shield, Invis and Food to Paladin's Spell list. Also added Force Strike to Druids spell list, as it was in 7.72. Thank you Habascal
25 November 2019 (07:07)
Fixed highscores page, minor updates all over the site, added Discord and lots of things. I forget to update the change log a lot.
27 September 2019 (11:38)
Raids no longer have a despawn time, if they spawn they will stay until server save.
20 June 2019 (21:58)
The hosting server (my provider) was restarted for maintenance and the server was offline briefly. Server is back online, but apologies for any inconvenience caused.
03 June 2019 (19:20)
Granted free access to Banuta, you can still do the quest, but the teleporter now lets you in to deeper banuta without having to reach mission 9
03 June 2019 (19:19)
Removed shared exp level different gap
31 May 2019 (06:36)
Added commands for !level, !skills, !magic to just show a print out of your skills and level.
20 April 2019 (05:00)
Power bolts are a little more expensive. Burst arrows are now for sale in general stores, as well as small stones.
07 April 2019 (06:55)
Sandra now sells free-account runes in Edron
29 March 2019 (22:20)
You can now buy "Backpack of mana fluid" or "Backpack of life fluid"
26 March 2019 (09:47)
Due to a unexpected crash, some players may have lost some progress. This is the first crash I've encountered, and I don't expect it to happen again. apologies for any inconvenience caused.
25 March 2019 (05:43)
Nerfed the Loot drop rates a bit, while testing i found rares to be way to common :) Sorry
25 March 2019 (00:42)
Ammo Shops now sell Power Bolts for 7gp
24 March 2019 (19:25)
Fixed Demon Helmet Wall Switch (It will now remove the wall properly when 2 players step on the switches)
24 March 2019 (09:25)
Fixed the Travelling Trader behaviour. Will now correctly sell Djinn items as long as you've done the Blue or Green Djinn Quest.
18 March 2019 (06:05)
Added "Rashid" type Travelling Traders that buy most items to Thais, Carlin, Edron, Darashia, Port hope, Venore and Ankrahmun
17 March 2019 (06:13)
You can use an empty vial on yourself to fill it with urine.
17 March 2019 (06:13)
Mana fluids now show up much they restored
15 March 2019 (09:49)
Removed PZ From all boats and carpets.
14 March 2019 (08:24)
Updated more old sprites :)
14 March 2019 (08:08)
Increased base regen rate to 3x
14 March 2019 (08:08)
Updated webpage formatting, moved some pages around
13 March 2019 (09:07)
Updated webpage formatting and fixed the Gallery image uploader
11 March 2019 (19:15)
Adjusted re-spawn rates, no longer nearly instant :)
11 March 2019 (07:53)
Skill and loot rates adjusted
07 March 2019 (06:58)
Fixed EXP Share (Create a party and use !share)
06 March 2019 (08:02)
Fixed 'Exana Pox' and Antidote Runes not curing when moving.
06 March 2019 (08:01)
Added Change Coin action (Convert stacks of coins)
01 March 2019 (21:23)
Updated the webpage and server info.
27 February 2019 (00:16)
Updated spells list on server info page.
26 February 2019 (22:27)
Fixed broken runes being sold as "Energy Bombs", they will now work.
25 February 2019 (05:19)
Adjusted server rates and updated info.
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