Change Log
20 March 2020 (21:52)
20 March 2020 (10:49)
Longer than usual down time for SS today to perform updates and maintenance.
06 March 2020 (19:53)
Updated loot pool for several "boss" creatures.
06 March 2020 (08:10)
Added new spell for Paladins, the Conjure Spectral Bolt will conjure 100 special bolts with high attack. The new spell can be used of Paladins level 150 and above.
04 March 2020 (07:29)
Updated the loot table for Oshabaal, Morgaroth, Rahemos and Dipthrah.
04 March 2020 (06:52)
Added a teleport exit for demon hell.
02 March 2020 (22:17)
Fixed rainbow shield enchanting.
25 February 2020 (04:35)
Red Skull Kill Ban increased to 3 days. (Banishment from Red skull will never result in deletion.)
20 February 2020 (07:37)
Added enchanting for rainbow shield *requires client update.
31 January 2020 (06:52)
Grizzled Aarons now offers a task for killing Warlocks
31 January 2020 (06:37)
Demona has had a few more warlocks move in to help study.
25 January 2020 (23:30)
Daily Server Save time has been bought forward a few hours, just for scheduling purposes.
25 January 2020 (00:47)
Reworked some paralyze values for some monsters.
23 January 2020 (05:41)
Added power gamers page.
01 January 2020 (17:26)
I changed the HTTP/HTTPS redirection, as some people were reporting issues being redirected to another site. Hopefully this fixes that problem, please let me know otherwise.
25 December 2019 (21:39)
Aldo now repairs soft boots.
25 December 2019 (01:35)
Power bolt attack boosted slightly.
13 December 2019 (21:03)
Used mana fluids that drop to ground now stay in your bag if you're in a pzone.
12 December 2019 (06:26)
added creatures page
05 December 2019 (06:47)
Empty vials created after drinking mana fluid are now dropped to the floor.
05 December 2019 (06:47)
Posted Regen info to Server Info page
04 December 2019 (00:08)
Added Tasks In game, Added Tasks and Creature Kills pages to site.
03 December 2019 (02:57)
Updated a number of raids, added announcements for some bosses, made some raids more difficult.
03 December 2019 (02:57)
Store bought runes changed back to default charges and prices. Can now purcahse "backpacks of spell runes". Conjured runes now have x3 normal number of charges.
29 November 2019 (00:21)
Website is now SSL Secure.
26 November 2019 (06:49)
Add more fixes and changes to webpage, notably the Character lookup page.
25 November 2019 (20:26)
Added Magic Shield, Invis and Food to Paladin's Spell list. Also added Force Strike to Druids spell list, as it was in 7.72. Thank you Habascal
25 November 2019 (07:07)
Fixed highscores page, minor updates all over the site, added Discord and lots of things. I forget to update the change log a lot.
27 September 2019 (11:38)
Raids no longer have a despawn time, if they spawn they will stay until server save.
20 June 2019 (21:58)
The hosting server (my provider) was restarted for maintenance and the server was offline briefly. Server is back online, but apologies for any inconvenience caused.
03 June 2019 (19:20)
Granted free access to Banuta, you can still do the quest, but the teleporter now lets you in to deeper banuta without having to reach mission 9
03 June 2019 (19:19)
Removed shared exp level different gap
31 May 2019 (06:36)
Added commands for !level, !skills, !magic to just show a print out of your skills and level.
20 April 2019 (05:00)
Power bolts are a little more expensive. Burst arrows are now for sale in general stores, as well as small stones.
07 April 2019 (06:55)
Sandra now sells free-account runes in Edron
29 March 2019 (22:20)
You can now buy "Backpack of mana fluid" or "Backpack of life fluid"
26 March 2019 (09:47)
Due to a unexpected crash, some players may have lost some progress. This is the first crash I've encountered, and I don't expect it to happen again. apologies for any inconvenience caused.
25 March 2019 (05:43)
Nerfed the Loot drop rates a bit, while testing i found rares to be way to common :) Sorry
25 March 2019 (00:42)
Ammo Shops now sell Power Bolts for 7gp
24 March 2019 (19:25)
Fixed Demon Helmet Wall Switch (It will now remove the wall properly when 2 players step on the switches)
24 March 2019 (09:25)
Fixed the Travelling Trader behaviour. Will now correctly sell Djinn items as long as you've done the Blue or Green Djinn Quest.
18 March 2019 (06:05)
Added "Rashid" type Travelling Traders that buy most items to Thais, Carlin, Edron, Darashia, Port hope, Venore and Ankrahmun
17 March 2019 (06:13)
You can use an empty vial on yourself to fill it with urine.
17 March 2019 (06:13)
Mana fluids now show up much they restored
15 March 2019 (09:49)
Removed PZ From all boats and carpets.
14 March 2019 (08:24)
Updated more old sprites :)
14 March 2019 (08:08)
Increased base regen rate to 3x
14 March 2019 (08:08)
Updated webpage formatting, moved some pages around
13 March 2019 (09:07)
Updated webpage formatting and fixed the Gallery image uploader
11 March 2019 (19:15)
Adjusted re-spawn rates, no longer nearly instant :)
11 March 2019 (07:53)
Skill and loot rates adjusted
07 March 2019 (06:58)
Fixed EXP Share (Create a party and use !share)
06 March 2019 (08:02)
Fixed 'Exana Pox' and Antidote Runes not curing when moving.
06 March 2019 (08:01)
Added Change Coin action (Convert stacks of coins)
01 March 2019 (21:23)
Updated the webpage and server info.
27 February 2019 (00:16)
Updated spells list on server info page.
26 February 2019 (22:27)
Fixed broken runes being sold as "Energy Bombs", they will now work.
25 February 2019 (05:19)
Adjusted server rates and updated info.
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