13 July 2022 (03:44) -
- Fixed unkillable monsters like lava hole from being able t...
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- Number of "modern" monsters no longer immune to ...
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Monsters on website Creatures page now all use their actual ...
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A new NPC on Rook is now able to provide the 5 blessings of ...
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Demon Trophy, Wolf Trophy, Orc Trophy, Behemoth Trophy, Deer...

  22 Dec 2021 - Christmas Update!

Christmas Double Event - Gold and Loot rates are doubled (2x item and 6x gold drop rate) until the new year! 

Calassa Hunting area added and accessible from Captain Haba's Ship while at deep sea.



Lion's Rock Hunting Area and new Major quest added to Darahia. 
More left to discover!

In the spirit of Winter, Snowballs have also have had a fun little rework. Snowballs can now also be used, similar to a rune, to "throw" snowballs over the place. 


Some new items have also been added to the store. The store page layout has also been optimised for ease of access and viewing. 

Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays! 

posted by GM Panther

  09 Oct 2021 - Task Point Bosses

Several new boss rooms have been added and updated. These boom rooms will require a certain number of Task Points to enter. 

Upon entry, a boss will be spawned in the room. These rooms can be entered more than once, but will require the Task Point entry cost each time the room is entered. 

posted by GM Panther

  24 Sep 2021 - Edron Fury Dungeon

The Fury Dungeon, located deep below Edron.

Edron Fury Dungeon

posted by GM Panther

  30 Aug 2021 - New Spawns

These spawns have been in game a little while now, but are now listed on the Hunting Grounds page here on the web site as well.

BK Arena north of Carlin

Grims in Fog Bay

posted by GM Panther

  26 Aug 2021 - Defence and Spells Reworks

Defense Updates
Attack and defense formulas have been reviewed. The attack formula has been using a more modern, boosted formula, where monsters and players were still using old retro defense formulas. There have been some minor adjustments to player attack and defense min/max formals. Monsters defenses have been reworked, now using a more appropriate defense formula, feeling more realistic and giving knights a better feel with auto attack hunting. 

Spell Updates
A number of spells have had some minor adjustments, mostly will go unnoticed but tie in with a number of the below spell formula reworks and updates.

Berserk formula has been corrected. It still uses the retro dmg formula based on level and weapon attack, using a variable mana cost formula lowered to 1*level (down from 4*level). Fierce Berserk spell has also been reworked. It now uses a similar formula to the retro skill damage formula (like berserk), dealing considerably more damage, but now also using a variable mana cost of 4*level.


For those unhappy with the variable mana cost of spells. Front Sweep has also been added for knights, at a fixed cost of 200 mana. Brutal Strike has also been updated to use the same type of formula. It's damage is now considerably better. Therese updates are to bring some more balance to knights and their ability to solo hunt. 

Diving Strike has also been added for Paladins. It works similar to mages Strike spells and needs to be aimed to target the sqm in front of the player. It also uses a level and attack base formula. 

UE and Poison Storm have been adjusted. Adjustments in formulas will overall result in a higher damage UE. Poison storm now does a busrt of poison damage, as well as dealing a poison condition. The damage is a bit lower than Sorcerers UE.

With these new reworks for Knights. To curb the knights use of Sudden Death runes, where magic level 15 was possible through some items and spellbooks (and much investment), spellbooks are joining wands in the class of items with vocational requirements. Spellbooks giving magic boost affect are now only probably wearable by druids and sorcerers. 

posted by GM Panther

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Latest Version: v1.22.5.7