Who Is Online
Outfit Name Flag Guild Level Vocation
Abraxas Boomslang 201 Master Sorcerer
Alazye 170 Elite Knight
Amaranthine 214 Master Sorcerer
Assassin Ryan 72 Elite Knight
Beans Gang Shit 221 Elite Knight
Beginner 37 No vocation
Clara Oswald 8 Paladin
Co caine Kingdom of Greenshore 68 Master Sorcerer
Druidka 16 Druid
Durchfall Panthers Army 24 Elder Druid
Eel 29 Elder Druid
Eggplants Veggie Tales 52 Master Sorcerer
Entei 28 Master Sorcerer
Eyemusician 140 Master Sorcerer
Forget It 15 Knight
Imonar Flat Earth Society 326 Royal Paladin
Izanagi 30 Elder Druid
Jinzo Boomslang 323 Royal Paladin
Koppartrans Kingdom of Greenshore 86 Elder Druid
Lotus 48 Master Sorcerer
Meat Shield Because 65 Elite Knight
Panther Panthers Army 69 Master Sorcerer
Peas 80 Elder Druid
Pickle Rick Blips and Chitz 37 Druid
Pudnfun 82 Royal Paladin
Slave Because 36 Elder Druid
Something Something 52 Master Sorcerer
Swinee 141 Master Sorcerer
The Knight Panthers Army 66 Elite Knight
Thor The Powerhead Boomslang 256 Elite Knight
Toy Boi Pewpew 98 Elite Knight
Tsunade The Hokage Sugar 49 Elite Knight
Washed Up Kingdom of Greenshore 245 Elite Knight
Yabai 150 Master Sorcerer
Ynys 100 Elder Druid
Yukata 100 Elder Druid
Zingo 31 Master Sorcerer
Zoop 16 No vocation
Players Online: 38
Latest Version: v1.21.7.18