House Information
Town: Thais
Size: 13
Beds: 1
Owner: Available for auction.
Rent: 1430
This house is available to rent!

To purchase this house, face the door in game and use chat command:

To leave your current house, stand inside your house and use chat command:

Paying Rent

To pay rent, place your money inside the locker of the respective town, but outside the depot box.

Guild Hall PVP Zones

All Guild Halls have a PVP Zone where it is possible to train. These tiles are not part of the house.

The PVP Zone tiles will save during server save, but will NOT be sent back to your depot if you leave the house.

Any items left on these tiles will need to be moved back into the house or picked up before leaving the house (!leavehouse)


Players Online: 1
Latest Version: v1.22.5.7