Wrath of Insomnia

Don't let us catch you sleeping !

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
The Puppet MasterXitwoundz (No Nap Ninja)301Royal Paladin Offline
the ExecutionerMurkules (Murkin em)81Master Sorcerer Offline
A MastermindFuckster116Elite Knight Offline
Kharztan145Royal Paladin Offline
Kseerax (Destruction)76Elite Knight Offline
Mia59Elder Druid Offline
Mollzter142Royal Paladin Offline
Noob (Itenz Plxor)69Master Sorcerer Offline
Saul Goodman140Master Sorcerer Offline
Taburik129Master Sorcerer Offline
Invited Characters
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Drathos Gerant
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